Top 7 Reasons AuspitTM is Awesome!

#1: Delicious Food: While Auspit’s many functional benefits are important, none outweigh the surprisingly tasty flavors and textures of the food that this system enables. From meats such as delectable marinated leg of lamb, to vegetables such as crisp- roasted potatoes to even golden-baked bread--you will amaze your friends and yourself.

#2: Ease of use:  Cooking has never been easier.  Slide the meat on the spit, switch on the motor, and you are cooking! If you need to baste or taste the food, its swing away action allows you to rotate the spit to work with it safely away from the heat and smoke.


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#3: Cordless: Did we mention Auspit runs on just two D-batteries (for up to 90 hours!)? This means you can take it anywhere without having to worry about plugging it in.

#4: Heat Control : Heat control is critical to ensuring proper cooking temperatures and food textures. Auspit gives your more control than you will find in any other over-fire cooking system because you can change the heat exposure and the cooking temperature by adjusting the height and the angle in addition to the positioning on the spit bar.

#5: Healthy :  The rotisserie action rotates the meat in its own juices as the fat cooks away. The rotating motion and lack of contact with the grilling surface helps avoid the blackening often associated with traditional grilling.

#6: Versatility :  The combination of Auspit's 18-pound weight capacity and its innovative accessories allows you cook anything from quail to a whole turkey, popcorn to pumpkin, shrimp to giant whole fish, pork medallions to a suckling pig. Who would have thought you could could so many amazing things on a simple rotisserie? Let your imagination run wild!

#7: The AuspitTM Experience: There is something magical about watching your food slowly cook to perfection over good conversation (and perhaps a few libations!) 


It's time to pick out your Auspit kit!